Chamonix is a small coastal country west of Tobryna. The capital “city” is The Frog Citadel. Chamonix’s population is roughly 10,000 people and their economy is mostly based on seafood trade and products of war.

Despite their size Chamonix has one of the most fearsome navies on the seas. A saying amongst the people of Chamonix goes: “If you want a poem, a painting or a prayer to Shellivat you go. If you want to wage war, that lives with us.”

Wickdee and the unnamed area containing Seaman’s Inlet was until around 100 years ago a part of Chamonix. Wickdee’s people rebelled against Chamonix rule in such a way that no one realized it was happening. One day a Chamonix patrol returned from what is now the border with Wickdee reporting that soldiers were standing guard at their “border” and refused to let them pass. It would later be discovered that the people of Wickdee had been handpicking loyal troops and planning the takeover for nearly a decade.

There were negotiations (and a few minor skirmishes), and major bloodshed was avoided when Wickdee agreed to make a large part of land between Wickdee and Orun a neutral military zone (the NMZ) to be shared by the armies and navies of Tobyrna, Chamonix, Wickdee and Orun which Wickee would supply with food and materials.


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