Abandon Hope
Across the wasteland to the Tower

The Irregulars have left The Damned Harbor with ranger Samilia Nailo as their guide.

The heroes have managed to cross the northern badlands and enter into Crow Downs. There they found a city abandoned…by the living. The undead and aberrations now inhabiting the Downs turned out to be decidedly unfriendly, nearly killing cleric Liele St. Cyr. The group’s new guide was quite shaken up seeing her new companion grievously injured. Perhaps there is more to this ranger than a guide?

The Irregulars + 1 manage to fight their way to the Tower at city’s center. What awaits inside? Will they find the Chamonix Knight Commander? Will he still be among the living?

For certain things will not go as our heroes think.

Release the Kraken!
A mission to the Damned

After dispatching some lingering undead pestering Shellivat our party, now calling themselves the Shellivat Irregulars, discovered a portal leading to another plane of existence. Through the portal LO-KAG and company see and hear Elspeth LeStrange conspiring with the god Orcus and other planar entities. It would seem that Elspeth and her allies are planning to use the upcoming conflict between Tobyrna and Chamonix to mask their plans which, so far, are unclear.

The Irregulars returned to Shellivat. The Exalted Templar of Tobyrna revealed that tensions have been mounting between the two countries for quite sometime and have finally come to open hostilities because the Chamonix Knight Commander Frederic has disappeared in the Lich Badlands on his way to Crow Downs and Chamonix blames the Tobyrna Templars. Hoping to avoid or at least postpone open war with Chamonix (and allow the Templars time to suss out Elspeth’s plot) the Exalted Templar sends our heroes to The Damned Harbor with orders to gather information and hopefully find Knight Commander Frederic.

The party heads for Blaine’s Harbor and purchases passage aboard the Briar Rose captained by William Morgan. On the way around Charic’s northern coast the ship is attacked by a Kraken and nearly sunk. The Irregulars, alongside Captain Morgan and his crew, fight off the Kraken (Rhiannon is pulled overboard and LO-KAG saves her by hurling himself off the ship, slicing a tentacle in half on his way down) and make landfall in Charnel Cleft at The Damned Harbor. There they discover the Knight Commander Frederic and a regiment of Chamonix Templars left the Harbor for Crow Downs several months prior and that they were reportedly searching for something in the Downs. Unfortunately no one seems to know what and no one has seen or heard from the regiment since.

The Irregulars meet ranger Samilia Nailo in The Last Hope Inn and she agrees (with payment of a dubious sort) to guide the party to Crow Downs and help them find the errant Templars.

Around Town

Our heroes, having successfully warned Shellivat of the coming threat, are shown around town.

LO-KAG headed off to the Military District to acquire some new training but on the way witnessed and foiled an attempted mugging only to be invited into the Guild of Crows.

Liele St. Cyr has officially been initiated into Avandra’s elite clergy The Tip of the Blade.

Rhiannon took a journey back to one of her previous lives 1,000 years prior to the current time where she discovered that she had been fighting an undead pestilence similar to the scourge the party is attempting to prevent now.

Corvus Brightblack was shown to the University of Shellivat’s library where he overheard a conversation between the Head Librarian and a sinister man. The librarian was being blackmailed by the Shadow Broker. Corvus took it upon himself to help the Librarian and his family. He managed to talk the Broker into stopping the blackmail and paying back some of the money.

Soon a new task will be placed before our illustrious group.

Chapter One
The Stage is Set

Over the last few months LO-KAG, Liele St. Cyr, Corvus Brightblack and Rhiannon have cleansed the Keep on the Shadowfell, met the treacherous Elspeth LeStrange, watched Winterhaven be overrun by the undead and have saved Shellivat from the same fate.

Elspeth LeStrange, in the guise of an archaeologist cons the party into retrieving the Chalice of the Lost Gods from within the Keep. Once in her possession she uses the ancient cup to turn the inhabitants of Winterhaven into her undead servants. The party flees from the town and their former friends with the help of Valthrun the Prescient and discover that Valthrun and Winterhaven’s former smithy Thair Coalstriker are actually Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon and Kord respectively.

Bahamut and Kord tell our players that Elspeth is heading toward Shellivat and that they must make haste to the city and warn the Clergy and the Templeric Order so that they can prepare a defense. Before the gods can finish their conversation with our heroes Orcus shows up and goads Bahamut and Kord into combat. The party leaves, manages to catch up to Elspeth’s carriage and disable it allowing them to reach Shellivat ahead of her. The city repels Elspeth’s attack and our heroes are finally allowed some rest.

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