Elspeth LeStrange

Professor. Archaeologist. A little mysterious.


Elspeth has tasked the party to find a certain Chalice deep inside Shadowfell Keep. She has told the players that they will be handsomely rewarded once they’ve brought it to her.

Recent events have lead the party to believe that she is not the simple Archaeologist they were lead to believe. She has blighted Winterhaven and attempted to do the same to Shellivat, but our heroes managed to reach the town ahead of her and warn the Clergy and the Templeric Order which successfully defended the city.


A striking woman, Elspeth has seen much of the country of Lor as well as the surrounding countries. She speaks as if only mildly interested in the topics…and people…at hand. A professor at Shellivat University.

Is actually a Fey witch. A necromancer. Working for parties much higher up the supernatural food chain.

Elspeth LeStrange

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