AC- 17 HP- 44 Surges per day- 12 Passive insight- 11 Passive perception- 16 Melee attack bonus- +7 (Great axe) Speed- 6 Basic melee damage- 1d12 (Great axe) +4

Trained skills Athletics, Perception, and Endurance.

Languages- Common,Giant. Feats- Chainmail armor proficiency and toughness.

Defenses- Fort 18, Will 12, Ref 13.

Initiative- 2.


Lo-kag, son of Thulgar, master of the arena, a great challenger born of a barbarians blood. Once known as “The Devil of Thay” Lo-kag bested every opponent who stood before him, in the kings arena. Alas, all battlemasters care for is the coin anyways, and who would want to stand against someone who can’t lose. The kings arena soon turned into a slaughter house for prisoners, whose one shot at freedom is to stop the unstoppable. No one dare enter the arena anymore, not with it in there.

The battlemasters had no choice Lo-kag could no longer compete in the arena, as a token of respect to the unstoppable machine his family crest and helm hang high above the arena doors. The arena soon began to grow again as paying customers wanted to see what “could” happen instead of what they knew would happen. He didn’t understand why the townsfolk didn’t want to see him, he won, for them.

He hadn’t fallen as a champion, like his father before him, he bested everyone. “Pathetic” he thought, to devote so much for so little in return. He is finished with these pathetic humans and their half-ling friends, he will make his own way somewhere. Somewhere, where no one knows him, where no one knows the devil of thay.


Blighted Lokag