Around Town


Our heroes, having successfully warned Shellivat of the coming threat, are shown around town.

LO-KAG headed off to the Military District to acquire some new training but on the way witnessed and foiled an attempted mugging only to be invited into the Guild of Crows.

Liele St. Cyr has officially been initiated into Avandra’s elite clergy The Tip of the Blade.

Rhiannon took a journey back to one of her previous lives 1,000 years prior to the current time where she discovered that she had been fighting an undead pestilence similar to the scourge the party is attempting to prevent now.

Corvus Brightblack was shown to the University of Shellivat’s library where he overheard a conversation between the Head Librarian and a sinister man. The librarian was being blackmailed by the Shadow Broker. Corvus took it upon himself to help the Librarian and his family. He managed to talk the Broker into stopping the blackmail and paying back some of the money.

Soon a new task will be placed before our illustrious group.



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