Release the Kraken!

A mission to the Damned

After dispatching some lingering undead pestering Shellivat our party, now calling themselves the Shellivat Irregulars, discovered a portal leading to another plane of existence. Through the portal LO-KAG and company see and hear Elspeth LeStrange conspiring with the god Orcus and other planar entities. It would seem that Elspeth and her allies are planning to use the upcoming conflict between Tobyrna and Chamonix to mask their plans which, so far, are unclear.

The Irregulars returned to Shellivat. The Exalted Templar of Tobyrna revealed that tensions have been mounting between the two countries for quite sometime and have finally come to open hostilities because the Chamonix Knight Commander Frederic has disappeared in the Lich Badlands on his way to Crow Downs and Chamonix blames the Tobyrna Templars. Hoping to avoid or at least postpone open war with Chamonix (and allow the Templars time to suss out Elspeth’s plot) the Exalted Templar sends our heroes to The Damned Harbor with orders to gather information and hopefully find Knight Commander Frederic.

The party heads for Blaine’s Harbor and purchases passage aboard the Briar Rose captained by William Morgan. On the way around Charic’s northern coast the ship is attacked by a Kraken and nearly sunk. The Irregulars, alongside Captain Morgan and his crew, fight off the Kraken (Rhiannon is pulled overboard and LO-KAG saves her by hurling himself off the ship, slicing a tentacle in half on his way down) and make landfall in Charnel Cleft at The Damned Harbor. There they discover the Knight Commander Frederic and a regiment of Chamonix Templars left the Harbor for Crow Downs several months prior and that they were reportedly searching for something in the Downs. Unfortunately no one seems to know what and no one has seen or heard from the regiment since.

The Irregulars meet ranger Samilia Nailo in The Last Hope Inn and she agrees (with payment of a dubious sort) to guide the party to Crow Downs and help them find the errant Templars.



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