Chapter One

The Stage is Set

Over the last few months LO-KAG, Liele St. Cyr, Corvus Brightblack and Rhiannon have cleansed the Keep on the Shadowfell, met the treacherous Elspeth LeStrange, watched Winterhaven be overrun by the undead and have saved Shellivat from the same fate.

Elspeth LeStrange, in the guise of an archaeologist cons the party into retrieving the Chalice of the Lost Gods from within the Keep. Once in her possession she uses the ancient cup to turn the inhabitants of Winterhaven into her undead servants. The party flees from the town and their former friends with the help of Valthrun the Prescient and discover that Valthrun and Winterhaven’s former smithy Thair Coalstriker are actually Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon and Kord respectively.

Bahamut and Kord tell our players that Elspeth is heading toward Shellivat and that they must make haste to the city and warn the Clergy and the Templeric Order so that they can prepare a defense. Before the gods can finish their conversation with our heroes Orcus shows up and goads Bahamut and Kord into combat. The party leaves, manages to catch up to Elspeth’s carriage and disable it allowing them to reach Shellivat ahead of her. The city repels Elspeth’s attack and our heroes are finally allowed some rest.



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