Abandon Hope

Across the wasteland to the Tower

The Irregulars have left The Damned Harbor with ranger Samilia Nailo as their guide.

The heroes have managed to cross the northern badlands and enter into Crow Downs. There they found a city abandoned…by the living. The undead and aberrations now inhabiting the Downs turned out to be decidedly unfriendly, nearly killing cleric Liele St. Cyr. The group’s new guide was quite shaken up seeing her new companion grievously injured. Perhaps there is more to this ranger than a guide?

The Irregulars + 1 manage to fight their way to the Tower at city’s center. What awaits inside? Will they find the Chamonix Knight Commander? Will he still be among the living?

For certain things will not go as our heroes think.


You should really see how I spelled Chamonix. You would laugh really, really hard. Also, yay for me not actually dying.

Abandon Hope

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